Training Pack

The pack contains a Personal Safety DVD, A Personal Log and Identity Card.

The DVD offers a range of different scenes which focus on young people travelling alone and how they might become vulnerable when they are out and about in the community.  It offers some advice on how to avoid problems and what you might do to keep yourself safe.  The DVD complements the travel programme and highlights the importance of safe travel and how simple precautions and planning can make a difference to your journey to enable it to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

What’s covered in the DVD?

Chapter 1: Riding the Bus

Chapter 2: Taking a Taxi

Chapter3: Walking Home

• What sort of things you could do to help keep yourself safe
• How to prepare for a journey
• What to do with your belongings
• Sharing your journey with a friend
• Having a Travel Plan
• Ensuring that someone knows where you are going and which route you will take
• Sticking to arrangements
• Avoiding difficult situations
• Avoiding lonely dark places
• Being prepared for the weather

How do I get a pack?

Call Debbie Barta on 01782 882882, or click here to send an email.