Why it's Important

Everyone should be able to plan their life the way that they would like it to be.  We should all be able to travel where we want to and choose how we get there. The need to keep safe at all times and to be able to prepare carefully and adequately for independent travel is essential.  Meaningful and effective Travel Training should be designed to meet individual needs and abilities.

The most beneficial aspects of independent travel would include having a real sense of achievement, the freedom to choose for yourself and know that you can make your plans happen.  It offers lots of opportunities that you might have to otherwise rely on others to help you to participate in.  You can make arrangements to meet with friends and enjoy a social life and have a range of different activities open to you that you prefer and are in control of.

Travelling safely and independently offers quality of life to all young people.  Everyone should have the opportunity to acquire the skills they need and have a better understanding of their own self preservation so that they can become safe and reliable independent travellers.

One of the biggest problems is having the confidence to do things on your own.  This is something that we all have to overcome.  This DVD and Travel Log offers travel tasks that are delivered in small steps to enable everyone to participate and gain confidence in themselves and their own ability at a pace that is appropriate for them.

We are all valued members of our community and everyone should have the opportunity to take their place and play a full part.  This scheme encourages it’s participants to travel with confidence, safely and independently to enable them to access college placements, work based training, employment and social activities.